Lib Files PUBG Mobile 0.16 + Hosts Anti banned


Download new latest updated lib files for your PUBG Mobile. And cheat the game without ban or account suspension. Every game has some data files and lib files are the data files which you can only access when you have your device to be rooted. If you have not rooted your device and don't know how to use lib files then you can read the instructions which I have provided below. This method is easy and very simple which helps you to unban, your banned account and also helps you to save your account from getting banned. To know how to download these lib files please go below and choose download lib files button and download them. Many of you don't know what are lib files as in full language we can say them 'Library' files of the games. These contains some specific codes which save the games from the hacker. As they contains some of the program which automatically detects the unusual behavior of the game and shutdown the game. When you try to cheat PUBG Mobile your game will crash, so this is the reason. Now to avoid the game crashes just we patch the lib files which you have download from here.

Now with these lib files I am also sharing some of the Host files which will helps you to hack the PUBG Mobile. Finally these host files are anti banned and will save your account. To download the host file follow the same procedure which I have mention below for the lib files. To download these lib files you must first visit the download page and wait for at least 30 seconds to automatically starts your download. When your download seonds reaches Zero your download will automatically start click on download and enjoy.

  • First go to your root folder and open data folder.
  • Now download the lib files from the below download link.
  • After unzip the files in the data folder of Tencent Games folder.
  • You have all done.
  • Antiban
  • Fast
  • No Lag
  • Fast Refresh
  • Speed Hacks
  • Wallhack
  • Color Hack
  • New v0.16
  • New Files
  • Patched and Updated
  • Recounted
Download Links for Host and hacks availbale now go and checkout for free. These hacks works with the latest version of PUBG Mobile for more details see your pubg version.

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