PUBG Mobile Hackers in India


India has about 22M player of PUBG Mobile. This is interesting and about 354K hackers. PUBG Mobile and users now facing many problem regarding hacks. This is because the users not liking the game due to cheaters. And this has also happens with game name mini militia, you know about this game. PUBG Mobile hackers use third party apps to cheat the game. This makes the users to leave the match when they detect a hacker in the game. Many users reported for the hackers and the game will take action on them. While PUBG Mobile say ' WANNA HACK, DON'T COME BACK'.
Guys I really appreciate the developers about the cheaters. They working very nice but the game is online and there is no way to save your game from hackers. In this type of unique gaming world there are many developers who play games and re coded them, or we can say them modded apps or games. I am also facing hackers in the gaming but, when I report it's become an end for me. When I reading this tweet then I saw some comments which you can see by clicking on the above tweet. There are many users who exploiting the game and it's data. While I am also a person who hack PUBG Mobile. But this is ok if w take a look at the other people who play PUBG Mobile or lite. PUBG Mobile Lite had recently launched and this is a nice game, but that's it is a beta version of the PUBG Mobile. In PUBG Mobile Lite there are many hackers who exploiting the game data. As I have already mention that PUBG Mobile has about many hackers and as well as PUBG Mobile Lite has also many hackers. So if  you think that you are alone at PUBG Mobile Lite, then remove this kind of thinking from your mind.

Users saying that there are no hacker's in COD Mobile. I am laughing on them, seriously they are fool. While the graphics are much realistic  so users can not be able to understand that these are hacker or not. In this gaming world every game has some of hackers. As I have posted before about the top game hacking application for android. You can read this post to know more about, how hackers cheats the game.

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