How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile Lite
Lag! is a big problem in today world. While this occurs due to outdated devices or system. But don't worry no longer it will happen with you when you play PUBG Mobile or PUBG Mobile Lite. Many of users commenting that we want some special tricks to avoid lag in PUBG Mobile and pubg mobile lite. I have a trick, ah! we can't call it a trick, this is a method which we will use to deal with the lag. Nowadays an application is also entering in the play store market. It's name is GFX Tool and other whatever the names. So guys welcome back today I will solve your problem regarding to the hacks. Many users want a trick but if I provide a data change method then might of you understand. So I am sharing an application which you have to install in your device and later we will use it.

There are many types of gfx tool available in the play store but which is is best? I know this a problem when you use a gfx tool there is a risk of account ban. PUBG Mobile doesn't allow the users to launch the game from a third party. This will makes the user account banned and the user will not have any access to their accounts. So remember before using the hacks in your devices. There are many gfx tools for pubg mobile and pubg mobile lite available. You can download only an updated  version of them, don't download any outdated version I have pasted a link, which is  a good gfx tool for pubg mobile. Download it for your android devices and now I will tell you what you have to do after downloading the application.

Instructions to fix lag

  • First open the GFX Tool in your device.
  • Now you will find a resolution button choose the minimum and maximum for more fps (but it lags).
  • Now choose the color mode
  • Now choose the graphics option to low and click on apply.
  • Now you have all done.
  • Run your game from the GFX tool to fix the lag. 
Whenever you run the game from GFX Tool you will not face any kind of lag in it. But when you directly open it then this may cause some of the lag. Sometimes the settings were temporary install and you don't require a app to launch the game. So this is one of the easiest methods which I have told you.
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