VIP host file for PUBG Mobile free download. This host compatible with all the version of VPN's and if it not you can contact us for more help. This host file is really un-patched while it depend upon your time when you downloading it but don't worry we weekly checkup the files and get update them if they get patched. So there are many vip host file presents but this is one of the best host file I have ever used and you will also.

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  • VIP
  • Fast Connect
  • Unknown IP
  • Anonymous
  • Auto Refresh
  • IPv6
  • IPv4
  • Support All VPN
  • No Banned
So download this latest version of VIP host file which provide secure connection. This host file works with strange vpn and provide a VIP system to your server. This host file is VIP and it don't affect your account. You account in PUBG mobile do not get banned.

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