Forward Assault LUA Script Downlaod


Forward Assault New LUA Script free download. This script is now updated and now you can able to download all the mods of this script. If you have downloaded an older version of this script then remove it first from your device if you want these script works. Feel Free to use this script this script is mainly design to hack the game data to change it's features.

Download this script for Forward Assault, do not over use after the limit to save your accounts from getting banned, while I don't have a proper knowledge about this game if you feel there some problem please contact me. If any one want to publish their own script files on my website they can use below contact menu to tell me.

Features of Script

  • Free weapons in bomb defuse 
  • Magic bullets 
  • Big hitboxes 
  • Aimbot
  • Jump 1-4
  • Speed x2-x10
  • FoV
  • No Clip 
  • Wall Climb
  • Spin Bot (purely for laughs hard to move.)
  • Chams (white & black)
  • Big mini map 
  • No recoil 
  • Fire Rate
  • Burst Mode 
  • Invisible 
  • One hit kill 
  • Weapon Spawner
  • Crouch Jump
This is the latest version of Forward Assault Script Please Download it form below.
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