Create Unlimited Accounts In PUBG Mobile


Your account got banned and now you will not be able to play the game on your device. Don't worry today I am giving you a trick which helps you to create unlimited accounts in pubg mobile. For this, there are two ways one is really inappropriate for some user and the second one will good. So from first, we will begin.

Root Device 
Yes! if you want to play the game as before you need to root your device and if you have an Android device you can root it to access the root directory. Now, this is the fast way by which you can create unlimited accounts. If you have an un-rooted Android device you can choose another option this will help you to create unlimited accounts in pubg mobile. PUBG Mobile is one of the popular game is not for cheaters if you want to hack this game please always use VIP script. Many of the users don't know about the VIP script but this doesn't matter if you have another one.

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To access your root directory this is the only way. You have to root your Android device to access the game root directory.

Virtual Space
Virtual space means an application that runs apps in virtual mode. This means you can use two accounts in one device. If you have any of this application then please use that application to play the game. Now you have all done this is nothing but ok. There are many apps but I recommend you to download Veteran Space which is the best virtual space for pubg because it not detected by PUBG developers. This app is professionally built to hack the game. But there are many websites that share another type of application to create an unlimited guest account but none of them work properly. This is really and totally fake. Now use veteran space to create an unlimited guest account in pubg mobile if you don't know how to create a guest account you can watch videos on YouTube and on many sources or if you have any doubts regarding this app you can contact me on my YouTube channel name 'Sikk Tech'.

Accounts Successful
Both of the tricks work really fine if you don't belive you can ask these questions on another website that both tricks are working or not. These tricks really helpful but due to un-rooted devices, many of you can not take the advantages. There are many users who use the second option more than first.
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