GodZilla Map Update For PUBG Mobile v 0.14 Beta


Hey, everyone, this is Sourabh here. I don't know but PUBG announced an update that is going on today. So keep your eyes on the game because the new map is coming, the sorry new mode is coming. Users are now playable to play the game in Godzilla mode which is created by PUBG developers. This mode is officially launching today. I don't know what the features are coming but everything will okay. So let's move towards our main ambition which is how you can play this new mode. If you have any doubts regarding this update you can contact to Tencent Games which are the developers. Really in this gaming hood games are really going very fast. Everyone loves games and this update will make more interest towards the gamers. There are many YouTuber's who use Vietnam and other countries version where the mode as launched to demonstrate you. I am not if there is a nice thing we will wait for it. If you feel really happy then please go and check out my channel and please subscribe to my channel. If you do this I feel happy and I will make more and more creative videos for you guys. Simply let's come towards the topic, now I am going to tell you the features and updates are coming in this new update. I forget to tell you there is a death mode also read below for more details.

Patch Updates:
  • New game mode: team deathmatch, available in both FPP and TPP.
  • Added new separate control settings for FPP.
  • Added new MVP display in results.
  • Added a new tab for MVP emotes in inventory.
  • All appearances, voices and emotes can be set in different portable closets. They can also be swapped while in a match.
  • Walking, crawling or operating a vehicle on the snow will now leave marks.
  • Armor durability loss reduced by 25%. Damage reduction remains unchanged.
  • Tyrant, G, Licker and Zombie Cop have been removed in Survive Till Dawn. 4 new zombies will be introduced.
  • freezing fog from Liquid Nitrogen Mine now lasts longer. All units that pass through will move at a slower speed.
  • The tank now enhances nearby zombies. Skinner will now use an ability that reduces the movement speed of nearby players.
  • New building: Abandoned Factory. This building contains lots of resources but also has a new boss.

These are the patch notes if you feel any of them are wrong you can please contact to me I will immediately take action on this post and modify it correctly.
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